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Gain Professional Help for your Small Business, Non-Profits, Churches, and Individuals

Janette L. Davis, CPA, LLC is dedicated to meeting the accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning needs of businesses and individuals.   Our expertise enables businesses, non-profits, churches and individuals to make more informed decisions that ultimately lead to tax savings, growth of your business and your assets.

Get a Free Consultation

Let us show you the difference that getting professional help can make. We are flexible, friendly, and above all, we listen. You can meet with us without obligation so call us to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation at 954-967-0969.

Offload Accounting Work

Running a small business can be exhausting but you can relieve some of that pressure by outsourcing your accounting work to us.  With more than 20 years’ experience, our team of professionals can offer sound budgeting, business planning, and forecasting advice.

Make sense of your financial situation by restructuring your debt! We can help you or your business to straighten things out. Give us a call today at 954-967-0969.